Dan Aykroyd Expects Ghostbusters 3 To Start Shooting Next Year

Ghostbusters 3

I want to preface this with a confession: I love Ghostbusters. I love it so much that I got the emblem tattooed on my shoulder. I will even defend Ghostbusters 2 to all comers. I. Love. Ghostbusters.

So it is very difficult for me to admit that I really, desperately do not want to see Ghostbusters 3 come to fruition. I do not think it’s going to happen, nor do I think that if it does happen, it will be any good. But what I want is immaterial, because they just keep trying. Now Dan Aykroyd says that he hopes to see Ghostbusters 3 begin filming in 2014.

Talking with ABC News, Aykroyd proclaimed that he feels good about the script pages he’s seen so far, and that the film will go into pre-production some time in the fall of this year. He teases things like Higgs Boson, particle theories, etc., and, of course, the possibility of Bill Murray actually agreeing to reprise his role. He seems very optimistic about everything, in fact. Check out what he had to say below:

We’re going to really put it into ninth gear, in this third one. It’s going to be very, very exciting. I’ve been more encouraged than I ever have been. It sounds real now. We’ve got a sharp new writer on it, Ivan (Reitman) is on it, Harold (Ramis) is on it, I’m on it. And if I can put the catch-net on Billy [Murray] and bring him in, it will be wonderful, if he decides to do it. There will always be a hole for him.

So why do I not feel optimistic? This is the closest we’ve come to this damn thing actually happening – despite not yet being greenlit by Sony – and I feel very blasé about it. I wonder just how good it would be for this actually to happen. Ghostbusters was so much of its time. It is such a beloved comedy and still influences the way movies are made. I just do not really want to see it debased by a half-assed revamp.

Maybe that won’t happen. Maybe Ghostbusters 3 will be awesome, if it ever gets made. I’m still not holding my breath for it to be greenlit, but perhaps it will. And if it does, maybe – just maybe – all my fears will be for naught.

Our future is in your hands, Mr. Aykroyd. Do not make me regret that tattoo.