Daniel Craig Not Sure How Many Bond Films He’s Got Left

You’d think being James Bond, one of the most well known action characters of all time would grant you the relief of not having to worry about when and what your next film is going to be, but recently with MGM having so many financial troubles, you just never know when the next Bond film will actually come out.

Actor Daniel Craig has discussed his frustration before, but recently he told MTV News that he doesn’t know how many more Bond films he has left. He mentions that tomorrow could be his last day as Bond and hearing that is kind of troubling.

If James Bond can’t make it then what series can? I really enjoy Craig’s version of Bond, especially in Casino Royale. While Quantum of Solace wasn’t the greatest Bond film in recent memory I for sure wouldn’t call it the worst. Craig is signed on up until Bond 25, but you never know if Bond 23 will end up being the last time we see the character on screen for a while.

Check out the quick clip below with Daniel Craig discussing Bond 23 briefly and let us know what you think.

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Bond 23 is slated for a release on November 9th, 2012.