Daniel Craig Denies Rumored Two-Part Follow-Up To Skyfall

Late last week, we reported that writer John Logan, who did some rewrites on Skyfall, had made a deal with the producers behind the Bond franchise to script the next two Bond films, and that those films would feature a two-movie story arc. Now, the man who currently plays the super-spy on the big screen, Daniel Craig, has denied the rumor that the films would be connected.

In an interview with Filmstarts Craig said:

No, I don’t know where that’s come from. It’s impossible to do a two parter. I heard that someone was talking about that we’re doing a two parter, but that’s the first I’ve heard about it. We can only do them one at a time, they take six months to shoot. You can’t write one movie thinking about the next. All we’re trying to do is get the next one sorted out and it’ll stand on its own and if I’m able I’ll do another one after that.

I’m not terribly surprised that the next two Bond films won’t be directly connected, but I am a bit disappointed. It’s something that has never truly been done. It would have been fresh and exciting to see Bond 24 end with a cliffhanger and to have the story’s resolution in Bond 25, which would have been (hopefully) released in theaters only a short time after.

What’s also interesting is that he mentions the possibility that he may do only one more Bond film. Reportedly, he’s already signed on for two more, and I find it hard to believe that Logan would write Bond 25 without Daniel Craig in mind for the lead role.

If they were to go with a new actor to play Bond, I think they would have to give the film a different sort of style in a way. Not only to introduce the new talent, but to make the audience truly believe that the new actor is the bona fide 007.

The next film, Bond 24, is set to begin production next Fall at Pinewood Studios with a tentative release date of fall 2014.

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