Daniel Craig’s James Bond Movies Are Dominating Streaming

Whenever the latest installment in a new franchise arrives, it encourages fans to revisit the back catalogue to reacquaint themselves with the cast, characters and plotlines poised to be picked up, and that’s proven to be true for Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond in a major way.

No Time to Die has gotten off to a stellar start at the international box office ahead of its domestic debut this Friday, hauling in $119 million and scoring the highest-grossing opening day in the United Kingdom since 2019. Audiences in the United States have to wait a few more days, though, which is why Craig’s previous four outings as 007 are dominating Amazon’s most-watched list.

As per FlixPatrol, Spectre is the number one title on the platform, with Casino Royale and Skyfall joining Sam Mendes’ second Bond movie in ninth and tenth position respectively. Further down the charts in 26th place is Quantum of Solace, which is likely bottom of the pile because it’s widely regarded as Craig’s weakest effort, one the leading man himself described as a sh*t show.

Amazon must be delighted to see the last four James Bond films playing so well having acquired MGM and gained a vested stake in the future of the long-running spy saga. The producers remain adamant cinema’s premiere secret agent will only be seen in theaters, but a strong showing on streaming is a suitable compromise.