Daniel Day-Lewis Will Play Lincoln In Spielberg’s Biopic

Despite Liam Neeson’s long term attachment to Steven Spielberg’s long gestating Abraham Lincoln biopic, simply called Lincoln, today DreamWorks have announced that Daniel Day-Lewis will now take the role.

The two time Academy Award winner was lauded by Spielberg and CEO Stacey Snider as one of the greatest actors of any generation. Which is certainly true, being such a selective person he has never given a performance which hits a bum note or starred in a film which isn’t in some way substantial (Nine doesn’t count). He is a fearless actor who is famously known for extensive research and getting profoundly into character. And this is a perfect role for him to truly sink his teeth into.

I think personally that Day-Lewis is an excellent choice of actor for the role, perhaps better than Neeson was. Firstly he is a fantastically talented actor who knows how to turn his hand to any character. Secondly he does look the part. Lincoln was an imposing figure and if you go by any of Day-Lewis’ recent performances, Daniel Plainview in particular, he is certainly an imposing and powerful actor.

DreamWorks also announced that they expect filming to begin late 2011 for release in late 2012. This means that Lincoln will be filmed and edited just before Spielberg goes off to shoot Robopocalypse. I have been waiting for news about this project getting off the ground for a long time and cannot wait to see it.