Daniel Radcliffe Circling Lead Role In BBC’s Grand Theft Auto Drama

Daniel Radcliffe

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One of the very few video game properties that transcends the bounds of the medium into the mainstream is Grand Theft Auto – for all the wrong reasons, some would say – and its continued popularity can’t be overstated. As the brainchild of British developers and siblings Ben and Sam Houser, the franchise has attracted its fair share of controversy since its humble inception as Race ‘n’ Chase almost two decades ago. And one such legal spat will underpin BBC Films’ upcoming drama, which has attracted Horns star Daniel Radcliffe for a leading role.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, who reveal that the real-life legal drama will be helmed by Owen Harris of Misfits and Black Mirror fame. It will apparently document a heated encounter between Sam Houser – co-founder of Rockstar Games alongside his brother Ben – and a Miami lawyer calling out the game’s violence, and its alleged effects on the person holding the controller. From the report, it’s understood that Radcliffe has opened talks to assume the leading role of Sam.

Much of said encounter took place in the early years of the 21 century, where the lawyer, Jack Thompson, instigated a campaign against Rockstar and its ideology – particular in relation to Grand Theft Auto – for what he seen as the glorification of violence. He was later disbarred in 2008.

No word yet on who will be cast in the part of the unorthodox Florida attorney, though if Radcliffe commits to the role then BBC Films’ drama shouldn’t have much problem in attracting talent. Word has it that Harris has every intention to begin shooting this month, and will hone inspiration from David Kushner’s novel, Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto.

But what do you think of this potential casting? Do you believe Radcliffe is the right actor to play Sam Houser for the BBC’s court room, Grand Theft Auto-centric drama? Let us know below.