Daniel Radcliffe Looks Devilishly Evil In Terrifying New Stills From Horns


Gah! If you thought that Daniel Radcliffe, the former boy wizard (who’s probably sick of being referred to as such – soz, Dan) didn’t have the power to surprise you, think again. In this latest crop of images from Horns, he might be just the guy to give you nightmares.

The adaptation of the massive cult hit by Joe Hill has received some very positive reviews in recent weeks. Directed by Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes remake), the story is a twisted take on love, life, death and what it means to be human. Radcliffe plays Ig Perrish, a normal young man who’s stifled with grief after the murder of his girlfriend (Juno Temple).

The morning after, he wakes to discover he’s sprouted a pair of beezlebub-inspired horns. That’s not where the weird ends, though. Along with his new growths, he acquires the ability to force people to confess their secrets to him. After he’s suspected of the crime, he soon turns to his new superskill to clear his name and catch the real murderer.

Our own Matt Donato gave it a stellar review from Fantastic Fest, calling it a “sad romantic tale at heart, but also a twisted horror comedy in a broader sense.” From the previous images that were made public, we knew Radcliffe’s horns would reach a stubby state. But we had no idea he’d become so darned frightening.

As a massive fan of the novel, I had no idea the costume and effects for his transformation would be so shocking. One shot, in which he has a snake draped around him, reminded me of the repugnant Angela from the original Night Of The Demons. You can check out the pics of Radcliffe’s contortionist transformation in the gallery below. Once you do, be sure to let us know what you think of them.

Horns arrives in theatres on October 31st.