Daniel Radcliffe Embraces His Dark Side In New Trailer For Horns



Of all the Harry Potter kids, Daniel Radcliffe has been the one to take on the most varied and interesting roles since he stopped playing a boy wizard. He’s been Allen Ginsberg, appeared naked on a Broadway stage, and most recently can be seen in the romance What If. Given that varied filmography, it’s not surprising that Radcliffe should take on a rather bizarre little part for his next role, playing a young man with a very odd problem in Horns.

Radcliffe is Ig Perrish, a man accused of the rape and murder of his girlfriend. Things get even worse when he awakens one morning to discover horns growing out of his head. This apparent manifestation of his guilt prompts the townspeople to proclaim that he’s been cursed by the devil for his crime. Perrish claims that he’s innocent in his girlfriend’s death, and sets about trying to find her murderers and bring them to justice.

The premise is a darkly funny one, and the latest trailer draws out the underlying humor of a man literally sporting devil’s horns as he goes about investigating his girlfriend’s death. Are the horns evidence of his own evil, or the evil that has been done to him and the woman he loved? Wouldn’t it be scary to have a dude with horns swearing vengeance upon you? I certainly think it would.

Horns can go a lot of different ways, but it’s unlikely to pull any punches on the horror aspect of the story. The trailer certainly makes it look frightening, and the film will have its premiere on Halloween. What’s more, the director is Alexandra Aja, who was behind the camera for the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, among other strong horror efforts.

Horns will come to theaters October 30. You can check out the latest trailer below.

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