Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Join The Fast & Furious Franchise


Anyone up for some Fast & Furioso? It’s doubtful that’s a spell that would do anything in the Potterverse, but it sounds good, right?

Daniel Radcliffe has got the internet’s imagination running wild this week, as he says he’d like to join the Fast & Furious franchise. Only, he wants a non-driving part. In an interview with MTV News, Radcliffe was talking about his upcoming movie, Guns Akimbo, which premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. His role in it is a little bit more action-y than his recent work and naturally, the Fast & Furious series came up, with the outlet asking what kind of part the Harry Potter star would take in the franchise, if offered one.

He said he’d love to be in Fast & Furious 9, but would like to leave the driving to someone else, telling MTV:

Fast 9? Is there a part for a non-driver in that?”

Radcliffe had apparently given this some thought already, or else he’s a great improviser. Either way, he’s got some ideas, saying:

“There’s something…they need to do something. Like there’s a big operation, right? They need someone doing their taxes or something. There’s got to be, like, an accountant or something for Fast 9.”

Of course, Daniel was no stranger to action in his Potter movies. Just thinking about the energy it must have took to film those seven pics wears me out. His stuntwork has been fairly scarce since then, with movies like The Woman In Black and Now You See Me 2, but his role in Guns Akimbo is pretty intense and he even admitted in the interview that that’s part of the reason he took it, for a chance at some action.

Anyways, Fast & Furious 9 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 22nd, 2020 and with any luck, we may just see Radcliffe pop up in a cameo.