Daniel Radcliffe Becomes The MCU’s Wolverine In Stunning New Art


The problem with spending several films as one of the most iconic characters ever is that moviegoers may forever associate you with that one role. Take Hugh Jackman for example, who continues to tell us that he’s done playing Wolverine but still gets flooded with requests online for him to reprise the part one last time. Similarly, you have Daniel Radcliffe, whose career has been extremely successful lately but will probably always be the kid who played Harry Potter in the eyes of a lot of the world.

So, while Radcliffe isn’t exactly the most obvious choice to be the next Wolverine, casting him as the X-Men leader would at least kill two birds with one stone, offering a new version of the hero to replace Jackman in the mind of the public, and also providing Radcliffe with a gig that’s too big to be overshadowed by his years spent playing the Boy Wizard.

That being said, Marvel Studios probably has someone else in mind for the part, but if you’re looking for an idea of what could’ve been (and maybe still could be), take a glance at the stunning piece of art below, which admittedly makes a pretty good case for Daniel Radcliffe as the next Wolverine.

Of course, the notion of the actor playing the role has picked up momentum lately after Daniel took part in a Wired Autocomplete Interview. In response to the popular Google search question “Is Daniel Radcliffe the new Wolverine?,” he jokingly said that an upcoming movie will have Hugh Jackman being put into a hot wash and himself coming out the other end. Again, it was very clearly a joke, but the Internet latched onto the idea and have been behind it ever since.

As we said above, we can’t imagine Marvel actually casting Radcliffe as the next Wolverine, but whoever they end up roping in, you can bet that the individual will face an uphill battle trying to win over fans who can’t get imagine anyone but Jackman donning the claws.

Source: Instagram