Daniel Radcliffe Set To Perrish In First Photo Of Horns

If you were to look at the post-Potter canon of Daniel Radcliffe, the difference between the role of the eunuch boy wizard and his recent cinematic outings are poles apart – and he’s driving that wedge deeper in the latest Alexandre Aja flick, Horns.

Based on the superb Joe Hill novel of the same name, Horns follows the story of Ig Perrish who awakes one morning to find horns sprouting from his forehead along with the accusation of his girlfriend’s rape and murder. Can’t get much further from Harry Potter than a suspected murderer and rapist can you?

This first photo released by EW has Radcliffe as the seemingly normal twenty-something chap: except for the massive horns growing from his frontal lobe. Oh dear, it’s going to be a bugger for him to pop a hat on once winter comes.

Radcliffe’s first attempt at shedding the goody two shoes Potter image was in the London stage show Equus wherein he performed in his birthday suit. He got darker still in the Susan Hill haunted house adaptation, The Woman In Black.

Radcliffe is going to venture down many more dark paths in Horns – and into a rather disturbing tree house if the adaptation adheres to the novel’s plotting. The horns themselves provide a nifty plot device in that they enable Perrish to hear people’s thoughts, which could play out on screen with hi jinks similar to those wreaked by Carrie.

Aja started out blazing in the horror genre with the phenomenal-twist horror Switchblade Romance (known in the U.S. as High Tension) but has since deteriorated with the repugnant The Hills Have Eyes remake, Mirrors and Pirahna 3D. He’s got the skills to carefully carve out niche scares (see: Switchblade) and if he tones down on the obvious gore to instead draw out the bleak dread from this tale…we could be onto an absolute winner.

Horns is currently filming in Vancouver and is scheduled for release sometime in 2013. Check out the photo of Daniel Radcliffe below and let us know what you think.

Source: EW

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