Danny Boyle Might Direct An Adaptation of The Musical Miss Saigon

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From Apple to the Vietnam War, Steve Jobs director Danny Boyle is in early talks to direct an adaption of the acclaimed musical Miss Saigon, which focuses on the star-crossed romance of an American GI and a Vietnamese bargirl in the Vietnam War.

The original Broadway musical opened in 1991 (two years after its 1989 debut in London) and updated the classic Opera Madame Butterfly into the modern Vietnam setting. During its premiere in ’91 the show earned ten Tony nominations and won three of them.

Still, Boyle fans might find this potentially odd tangent in the director’s career off-putting: he was most recently talking up a storm about the long-awaited Trainspotting 2. It’s unclear if Miss Saigon is something he’s looking at after Trainspotting, or if there’s still time in between now and the production of that sequel. Last December it was reported that the entire original cast was set to return to Trainspotting 2.

Either way, Boyle could use a pick-me-up after the floundering box office returns Steve Jobs got last fall. Although the movie was critically lauded – deservedly so – no one seemed to care about revisiting the scandalous life of the Apple CEO. Boyle’s films are never box office blockbusters (okay maybe besides Slumdog Millionaire), but it was a sad sight anyway, especially given how solid a film Steve Jobs was.

Do you think Boyle should stick to making Trainspotting 2 his next film? Or would you be okay with a Miss Saigon adaptation coming up next? Let us know in the comments below.