Danny Boyle Wants Colin Firth For Trance

One film in Hollywood that is starting to pick up a bit of buzz is Trance, which will be the next movie from director Danny Boyle. The project first started to pick up momentum when it was announced that Michael Fassbender would star. Then we heard that James McAvoy was joining. Now, Twitch tells us that Fassbender has dropped out and Boyle wants Colin Firth in the film.

Apparently, McAvoy is still in but Fassbender had to depart due to scheduling issues. Boyle is looking to replace Fassbender with last year’s Best Actor Oscar winner but no formal offer has been made to Firth as of yet. In other Trance news, Twitch is also reporting that Boyle has his eye on Scarlett Johansson for the lead female role.

The prospect of seeing James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender together again onscreen was pretty exciting but hey, I’ll settle for Firth as well. He’s one of the best actors currently working in Hollywood and with Boyle’s direction, this one has Oscar written all over it.

Plus, there’s also the prospect of seeing McAvoy and Firth together on the same screen. Perhaps not as exciting as what it could have been had Fassbender stayed on but like I said, I’ll settle.

As for Johansson, I don’t particularly care for her and I can think of at least ten other actresses that I’d like to see in this film. Danny Boyle usually doesn’t disappoint though and if he thinks Scar Jo is the right woman for the job, then maybe we should trust him.

What do you think of all this? Would you have preferred Fassbender instead of Firth?