Danny Boyle May Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic, Leonardo DiCaprio Could Star


Sony is moving quickly to get the ball rolling on their Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic, now that David Fincher has dropped out due to the studio refusing to give him enough money or creative control. Fincher would have been the perfect choice for a film like this, and it would have been great to see him re-team with Sorkin. Thankfully though, Sony has set their sights on a suitable replacement: Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle.

THR reports that the Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours helmer is currently in talks to step behind the camera, and that he may have already approached Leonardo DiCaprio to star. If the A-lister signs on, it would be something of a reunion for the two, as they previously worked together on The Beach. 

Boyle is a fantastic director, and could easily make a compelling film about one of the most iconic and influential tech figures of all time, especially with a script from Aaron Sorkin (who won an Academy Award for The Social Network). Additionally, DiCaprio is no stranger to biopics, having played such monumental men as Howard Hughes in The Aviator, J. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar and most recently, Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. 

The film could also land DiCaprio another Oscar nomination, and if he plays his cards right, he could actually walk away with one of the golden statuettes this time.

All that being said, nothing is set in stone, especially since no deals have been made as of yet. Let’s also remember that DiCaprio just signed on for Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s The Revenent, so there’s always the chance that he won’t have time to don Steve Jobs’ iconic turtleneck.

Tell us, what do you think of a Steve Jobs biopic directed by Danny Boyle and starring Leonardo DiCaprio? Would you have rather seen David Fincher’s take, with Christian Bale in the lead? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: THR