Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein Play Gets U.S. Theatre Dates And Trailer

For those of us Stateside desperate to see Danny Boyle’s new play “Frankenstein” (playing at the London National Theatre this month), there is hope. A new trailer has been released, following an announcement that Boyle’s stage adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel will be broadcast to select theatres internationally (and that includes 85 theatres here in the States).

Boyle has made a reputation for himself as a director of high caliber films, from his intense drug-themed movie Trainspotting, to indie horror 28 Days Later. The Oscars buzz surrounding his 127 Hours means he’s going to be in even more demand than ever. But he’s been taking a little break from film to direct a stage version of Frankenstein, which plays in London this month in a sold-out run. Boyle no doubt has brought his unique vision to this adaptation of Frankenstein, which stars Johnny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) and Benedict Cumberbatch. In a unique twist, the play will alternately star Miller as Victor Frankenstein and Cumberbatch as the monster, then switch their roles.

The promotional trailer meant to excite buzz about the upcoming broadcast looks intriguing, drawing the parallels between Victor Frankenstein and his monster. According to a Moviefone report not only is the London run of Boyle’s play sold out, but many theatre-goers have bought two tickets in order to see Miller and Cumberbatch in both roles.

The National Theatre Live is bringing the broadcast to a limited number of theatres across the globe. It has set two air dates, March 17th and March 24th. The March 17th airing has Miller playing Victor Frankenstein and Cumberbatch as the monster. The next airing will have the roles reversed. I for one am willing to make a trek to see this broadcast!

Check out the National Theatre Live website to find screenings near you.