Danny DeVito reveals when ‘Twins’ sequel ‘Triplets’ starts shooting


The Ivan Reitman legacy sequel is all the rage these days, with son Jason’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife currently doing big business at the box office, but another long-gestating successor to one of the filmmaker’s most popular movies has finally gained some traction after spending even longer in development hell.

For decades we’ve been intermittently hearing about the possibility of Triplets, which was initially set to add Eddie Murphy into the mix as the previously undiscovered third sibling of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito’s Julius and Vincent Benedict.

Murphy may have dropped out, but Tracy Morgan was announced as his replacement a few months back, bringing the project roaring back to life. In an interview with Forbes, DeVito revealed that cameras start rolling on Triplets in February 2022, and he can’t wait to get the gang back together.

“I’ve kept in touch with Ivan and Arnold over the years and it’s going to be a joy. I can’t wait to do it. That’s a long time coming. We’re going to have some fun and we have Tracy Morgan also in it and I’m so excited about that.”


Twins went on to earn $216 million at the box office on an $18 million budget, and it remains one of the most popular studio comedies of the 1980s, so there’s definitely going to be an audience for Triplets. Finding a brand new set of fans could be the problem, though, when a sequel over three decades in the making starring 77 year-old DeVito, 74 year-old Schwarzenegger and 53 year-old Morgan might not appeal to the younger generation of moviegoers.

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