Here’s How Danny DeVito Could Look As The MCU’s Wolverine


A couple days ago, we reported that the latest fanatical petition to hit asked that Marvel Studios consider It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Danny DeVito to play Wolverine, should the character ever make an appearance in the MCU. As ridiculous a concept that may seem, it’s gaining a lot of traction.

Since our initial article, user Ring Arius’ call for action has gained nearly 20,000 more signatures, coming in for a total of over 25,000 (at the time of writing). Though there’s more than likely zero chance that this could ever happen – as is the case with most of these viral bickering circles – it’s still amazing to think how many people’s interest this petition has caught.

One of those people looks to have been talented artist BossLogic, who took to Twitter this afternoon to offer his rendition on what the former Penguin could look like as an older and shorter version of Logan.

Given Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox and its properties, the idea that we’ll see Wolverine step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day isn’t too difficult to imagine. But watching DeVito take over the role that belonged to Hugh Jackman for nearly two decades…now that’s hard to believe.

With that said, there’s at least one interesting question this petition poses. Marvel Studios has the daunting task of not only replacing Wolverine, but potentially any other character they may choose to crossover as well. For example, the X-Men franchise will likely be rebooted following the release of Dark Phoenix in a couple of weeks, so there are a lot of mutants there to recast. And given the multiverse that could be opening up in the MCU, the possibilities are endless.