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Danny Elfman wrote the excruciating ice cream song from ‘Doctor Strange 2’

For shame, Danny Elfman. We expected better.

doctor strange 2
via Marvel Studios

For the most part, fans got a real kick out of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, even if a failure to secure a Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, not to mention the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s joint second-worst CinemaScore ever indicates that those who aren’t faithful followers of the superhero saga didn’t get quite the same thrill.

It’s definitely the weirdest, wildest, and most brutal of the franchise’s 28th feature-length installments, one that does its best to push the envelope of what you can get away with in a PG-13 setting. However, the most horrifying moment in Multiverse of Madness has nothing to do with exploding heads, zombies, or waves of dead bodies, but two kids singing about ice cream.

Far and away the most excruciatingly painful scene in the entire film, a lot of folks thought it was an improvised moment given that the lyrics are crude, and also that they suck. But no, young Jett Klyne confirmed to The Direct that the ditty was written in its entirety by four-time Academy Award nominee, three-time Golden Globe runner-up, two-time Emmy victor, and Grammy winner Danny Elfman.

“‘This is very cringey,’ [I thought the] first time. Julian loved it for some reason. We practiced it, and then we went to do it. I prayed that we could have done that in one time. One take. We did it, and then we did it a second time and I was like, ‘No! Sam, we don’t need to!’ It was in the script. It was written and we got the video recording and I was like, ‘Why are they making us do this?”

That’s right; one of the most lauded composers of his generation put time and effort into a stupefyingly inane ode to ice cream, which left many in the assembled crowd hoping Wanda would turn them into spaghetti by the time Billy and Tommy Maximoff reached the chorus.

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