Danny Huston Has Big Eyes For Tim Burton’s Next Film


I know that it’s tough to get excited over a Tim Burton film nowadays, but take a look at the cast and crew for his upcoming Big Eyes: Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams! The writers of Ed Wood! And Johnny Depp is nowhere near it (yet)! Add to that another delicious character actor in Danny Huston (Hitchcock) and I think we can be cautiously optimistic on this one.

Danny Huston is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Big Eyes to play a “burnt-out, heavy drinking gossip reporter.” Is there any other type of gossip reporter? He’ll be appearing opposite Waltz and Adams as husband and wife team Walter and Margaret Keane, who made a big splash with ‘big-eye’ portraits in the 1950s and 60s. The relationship began to fall apart, however, when arguments surfaced about who was actually doing the art work, and who was taking all the credit.

Despite some lackluster years, Burton’s output hasn’t been all bad. He was back in a big way with the animated Frankenweenie. I also thought Dark Shadows was not quite so bad as everyone let on, but I’m in the minority on that one.

The live-action Big Eyes is right up Burton’s alley, though, and could be a return to the combined pathos and weirdness of earlier films. It already sounds similar to Ed Wood, the tale of the greatest bad filmmaker to ever live. Burton is really at his best when he’s not too wrapped up in being Tim Burton the brand. The fact that Johnny Depp has not set foot near this movie gives me great hope. With Huston added to the cast, it seems to be shaping up very nicely.

Big Eyes is currently in pre-production. We’ll give you word when a firmer cast and release date has been set.