Halloween Kills Will Begin Filming Next Month

Halloween 2018

It ain’t even September yet, but my local grocery store already has their candy and plastic Jack-o-Lanterns all set up and ready to go. It really feels like Halloween is right around the corner. Or, more specifically, Halloween Kills.

That’s right, the sequel to everyone’s favorite reboot of everyone’s other favorite, now retconned, sequel is about to start filming, per Danny McBride, one of the writers on the project. Sitting down with Polygon the other day, the Pineapple Express star gave way to some great Hallo-news, telling the outlet that with the script now completed, Kills is set to start filming “in like three weeks.”

He then goes on to talk briefly about Halloween Ends, saying the script for that one is already “off to the races” and is almost finished. The team will hopefully shoot it around the same time in 2020, though plans can always change.

David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot did pretty well at the box office, becoming a certified smash hit. The critics were a little more divided, though. I personally thought it was, you know, fine, but I liked the music more than the overall product. Blumhouse and company are so proud of it though that they’re obviously going all-in on Green and McBride’s vision.

My hope is just that they cut the comedy and work on storytelling through dialogue and visuals, like Carpenter did in the ’78 original. No exposition dumps, no podcasters there to explain history. I just want, like, “real” people fighting “real” evil. But I’m a romantic and a dreamer and hey, I should probably write Halloween Lives or something, eh?

Ok, fine I’ll stop complaining and get back to hoping Halloween Kills kills my fears.