Danny McBride Shares New Halloween Set Pic For John Carpenter’s Birthday


Aside from the fact that we haven’t seen Michael Myers on the big screen since 2009, there seems to be a multitude of reasons why we’re greatly looking forward to the next Halloween movie. Granted, we could talk about this all day, but a few of them are how it’ll ignore everything but the events of the original film, and how it’ll be set in an alternate universe of sorts, somewhat changing the ending of John Carpenter’s eternal classic.

Speaking of which, the legendary director celebrated his birthday today though things took a weird turn when an errant article from Rotten Tomatoes saw the outlet pronounce Carpenter as dead. The filmmaker, who has been in a state of semi-retirement since 2011, thankfully took the erroneous Tweet in his stride, confirming that he is very much still alive. And his sense of humor is, too.

Now, in more positive news, Danny McBride is looking to honor Carpenter as well, Tweeting out a new set photo from the currently shooting Halloween. Following on from the one we got over the weekend (see the gallery below), it doesn’t show us much at all, but does give us a look at star Nick Castle’s chair and comes with the caption: Anybody got eyes on Michael? I want to know if I can use his chair. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday @johncarpenterofficial #halloweenmovie

Again, it’s not anything to get particularly excited about, but it is yet another sign that production is now underway and we should be getting something a bit more juicy in no time at all. Until then, however, we do have another update to share with you today, as we’re learning that Will Patton has joined the cast in the role of a cop. No further details were revealed at the time of writing, but his casting follows that of four young actors who boarded the pic just last week. From what we understand, they’re all set to play friends of lead character Allyson.

What else can we tell you about Halloween? Well, not much at this early stage, as plot details and the like have been hard to come by. We have been promised a faithful, horror-oriented sequel, though, and seeing how much enthusiasm both Green and McBride have for the project has us feeling confident that it’ll be a cut above the past few entries in the franchise. After all, fans need another great Halloween movie after suffering through efforts like Resurrection and The Curse of Michael Myers and with any luck, the filmmakers will deliver just that.