Why Daredevil Can’t Be In The Black Widow Movie


If you’re a Daredevil fan, you’ll probably know that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and Black Widow go way back in the comics as they were both lovers and crime-fighting partners in the 1970s. Likewise, if you’re a devotee of Netflix’s drama based on the vigilante, you might have heard Charlie Cox’s repeated cries to get Scarlett Johansson on his show.

Due to the dissonance between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television – not to mention the fact that ScarJo doesn’t come cheap – there’s never been much chance of making this a reality, however. That said, rumors pointed to an intriguing alternative crossover being on the cards instead. That being that maybe Cox could appear in the upcoming Black Widow solo movie, which was just announced to be helmed by director Cate Shortland.

Recently, though, Marvel chief Kevin Feige seemingly put paid to these rumors when he played ignorant when asked about them. “There are a lot of potential characters that are among that list,” he said, in response to the possibility of Daredevil showing up in Black Widow. “That’s one I haven’t heard.”

Daredevil Black Widow

Of course, there was maybe some hope that he was bluffing, but the latest intel on the solo vehicle for Natasha Romanoff seems to nix the idea for good. The Hollywood Reported has claimed that Black Widow will be a prequel, in the style of Captain Marvel before it, and will take place prior to the events of The Avengers. Those familiar with Daredevil will realize why this means there can’t be any Matt Murdock in the movie.

In Daredevil season 1, it’s established that the lawyer only suits up as the Hornhead in the wake of “The Incident,” the Battle of New York that leaves Hell’s Kitchen a dilapidated town in need of saving. So, if Black Widow is set before he’s even around, we wouldn’t hold out much hope for a cameo.

Don’t despair, though, as we’ve still got Daredevil season 3 to enjoy later this year. Meanwhile, Black Widow is speculated to be released in 2020.