Marvel Fans Think The Batman’s Really Daredevil Season 4 In Disguise


The Batman director Matt Reeves broke the internet yesterday by dropping the first footage of Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit. Instead of clearing revealing the actor in costume, though, Reeves shared a camera test lit with low, red lighting, which has left fans struggling to make out the details of the suit.

What’s more, due to the red hues and the decision to keep the bat-ears out of shot, the footage is making folks think less about The Batman and more about Netflix’s DaredevilSpecifically, how much we all want to see season 4.

Matt Murdock, is that you?

It’s coming along nicely, Netflix. Well done for reversing that stupid decision of yours and making season 4, after all.

*Patrick Star voice* “No, this is DAREDEVIL!”

Coming to Disney Plus in 2021.

It’s clear now that “The Batman” is actually a cover story for DD season 4. I mean, they would’ve gone for more traditionally Batman-friendly colors instead of red if it was actually the Dark Knight, right?

This is probably not the result Warner Bros. were hoping for.

This legitimately looks like it could be a real promo poster.

There’s always been a kind of similarity between Batman and Daredevil, but you have to agree that this camera test does bring the inner devil out of Bruce Wayne. After all, this particular mold of the cowl, with its prominent brow, is very reminiscent of Charlie Cox’s mask in the Netflix show. In fact, it’s all too easy to imagine the shot panning up to reveal a pair of horns on Pattinson’s head.

Of course, there hasn’t been any concrete news on Daredevil’s future for a while. Disney must know the enormous popularity of the series, though, so hopes are high that they’ll resurrect it, maybe on FX or Disney Plus, in a few years’ time. Until then, The Batman looks like it might hit a similar itch when it lands in theaters in June 2021.