The Dark Knight Rises Becomes The Thirteenth Film Ever To Pass $1 Billion

christopher nolan's the dark knight rises

christopher nolan's the dark knight rises

THR reports that The Dark Knight Rises has now made $431.2 million domestically and an estimated $574 million internationally for a total of $1.005 billion through September 2nd. This officially moves it ahead of The Dark Knight and makes it the thirteenth film to ever pass the $1 billion milestone.

Many believe early box office figures were hurt by the Aurora theater shooting, but the film bounced back nicely and despite having less success domestically, was able to far surpass the international numbers that its predecessor set.

Now, there is some discrepancy as to the number of films that have passed $1 billion. The difference in numbers comes from certain groups not including films that were re-released in 3D (such as Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace) on that list. Warner Bros. is in the camp that does not, but we’ll go ahead and count all money made in theaters as valid.

Also, we should note that only two films have ever passed $2 billion: Avatar and Titanic. 

The Dark Knight Rises is currently number 12 on the all-time list, and only about $20 million behind Alice In Wonderland. The film is still doing quite well too, especially overseas, so it would be no surprise if it continues to move a few more spots up the list.

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