The Dark Knight Rises To Cost $250 Million

The Dark Knight Rises is heading into production and it looks like Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are going to have to dig deep for this one. The film is looking to cost $250 million. The two companies have a co-financing and production deal which expires in 2013. Due to the deal, the companies share both the profits and costs of their films. They’ve had hits like The Hangover but they’ve also seen bombs like Jonah Hex.

Apparently though, Warner Brothers President Jeff Robinov isn’t too keen on splitting the profits for The Dark Knight Rises. Why you ask? Mostly because they’re losing a major franchise in Harry Potter this year. Legendary Chairman Thomas Tull has agreed to work with Robinov once again on the film but apparently certain terms are still being negotiated.

Things like who pays for what and how the profits are split are still up the air. For The Dark Knight they went in 50/50 but here things may change. And depending on how things work out, this could effect future projects that the two companies are working on such as  Superman: The Man of SteelThe Hangover Part II, Wrath of the Titans etc.

Coming in at $250 million, The Dark Knight Rises is the fourth most expensive film ever made, behind only Tangled, Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.