Is There Another Villain In The Dark Knight Rises?

We all know Bane (Tom Hardy) will be tearing up the screen in The Dark Knight Rises, but could there be another villain on the loose in Gotham? i09 seems to think there’s a good possibility Batman (Christian Bale) may have another bad guy – or girl – on his hands.


Marion Cotillard has kept quiet on her role in The Dark Knight Rises – maybe a little too quiet. An official press release says Cotillard will play “Miranda Tate, a member on the board for Wayne Enterprises who will aid Bruce Wayne on his ‘philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.” Okay, sounds simple enough, she’s playing Miranda Tate, whoever that is. But why would an Oscar-winning actress play such a boring role?

We think Cotillard could be playing Talia al Ghul, daughter of supervillain Ra’s al Ghul and Batman’s sometimes-enemy (who has ties to Bane) and sometimes-lover. What’s our evidence? A young Talia is slated to appear in the film, and we have footage of what looks like Cotillard in a militaristic outfit getting into Bane’s Tumbler.

Think we got it right? If not, what do you think is Cotillard’s role in the film? What other villains would you want to show up in The Dark Knight Rises? Leave us a comment and let us know.