Even More Dark Knight Rises Plot Rumors

The plot of The Dark Knight Rises is one of the film industry’s best kept secrets right now. However, sources close to the film have begun to reveal plot details only insiders would know.

Comic Book Movie has shared the postings of Raganork8, a member who has been posting pictures and details since the beginning. Before you read his postings, make sure you know that these details are not confirmed so take them with a grain of salt. Also, proceed with caution as there are spoilers.

Bane is a successful villain. He comes into Gotham with a plan executes it and stops anyone who tries to stop him. He’s tactical and smart he knows who to apply pressure to and who to get rid of however he has a short fuse and when Batman begins to gain the upper hand Bane resorts to drastic measures.

The device, whatever it is, GOES OFF at some point and destroys a massive part of Gotham State and cripples the entire city. Law enforcement is useless against it and in fear of another attack in other major cities or in Gotham again people are quiet about trying to stop Bane head on. This leads to a depressive state in Gotham where fear of the machine and Bane’s use of it keeps Gotham in line.

Gotham becomes what it was pre-BB and Catwoman is somewhat of a mirror of Joe Chill. Desperate, she resorts to crime to get what she wants and in a critical moment she has to decide whether to let her desperation get to her like Chill or to use her desperation for something else. we know what she chooses…or do we?

Tate is Talia.

John Blake is a rookie cop but with a deep affiliation with Gotham, someone struggling to make a difference after the death of Harvey Dent spurs Gotham into trying to do well for itself; this means hunting Batman but Gordon serves as a psuedo-anchor for Blake but when he’s taken out of the picture Blake is thrown into a situation where he has to make choices on his own and decide how and when to fight against Bane and what it means to be a Gothamite.

Gordon is a major player in this film. Akin to what Palpatine’s part in ROTS was compared to the other films

Bridge shoot seemed to be a perilous one. St. Swithens is back again and it looks like these boys are in some trouble. Perhaps they’re sight seeing or something but at the drop of a dime suddenly everyone panics, several people go running and the kids run back into the bus in a very heavy clamor.

Also, Got to see some of the night shoot from the other day, I never once saw Catwoman But I could tell Batman was talking to someone. Whatever the conversation was, he didn’t look…Happy. It’s hard to tell what he looked like but the exchanged looked somewhat charged. Also he looked as if he was talking to the Batwing…

All I know is that I was told by my guy that they’re going to start the promotional campaign getting people used to both Batman and Bane. He was saying that it seemed they want to do a two fold marketing strategy: The first ChrisB mentioned first with Batman and the Batcave trying to reintroduce us into a more traditional looking setting for Batman. Reacquainting us to Batman and then having some definite looks at Bane. So the audience can ponder this monster on their own for a little while.

Somewhat of a This guy Vs. This Guy kind of thing. You’ll see two worlds and Gotham is going to be trapped between them in some way.

I definitely believe the part about Bane (Tom Hardy) being a successful villain. Actually, all of these seem pretty valid. The one I’m most excited for though is the mentioning of Gordon being a major player. That means more Gary Oldman!

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