This Is What The Dark Knight Rises Prologue May Show

It was announced yesterday that a prologue to The Dark Knight Rises would be hitting theatres with Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Instantly, fanboys took to the message boards, all sharing their thoughts on what we may see. Speculation ran high but thanks to one user on the film’s Facebook community page, we now know what MAY be shown during the prologue.

Of course, there’s no confirmation from the studio on this but the user claims that he has it on good authority that the scene will feature Bane in what looks to be a prison break.

The scene is set in a prison in India where Bane tells another prisoner that something is coming for him. Suddenly, a massive amount of ninjas attack the prison and they fight with the guards who have bullied Bane. The leader of the ninjas sets Bane free and says that the ninjas know Bane’s DNA makes him impervious to pain. Bane then befriends the ninjas. After the epic battle scene, the credits rolls with the Bat symbol rising through flames.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem too farfetched. There is no way of knowing for sure whether it’s true but it is interesting and it’s sure to get fanboys thinking. Mission Impossible isn’t too far away though so either way, we’ll get a chance to see whether this is correct or not in just a couple of months, December 21st to be exact.

Let us know in the comments what you think though, is this what we’ll see in the prologue?

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