The Dark Knight Rises Screening Shut Down Due To IMAX Complicatons

Though initial screenings received standing ovations and much praise from audience members, not everything is going perfectly for The Dark Knight Rises. At a screening for the film last night, which was presented in IMAX, the audio and video started to fall out of sync.

It got so bad that audience members started to complain and eventually, the screening was shut down, with Warner Bros. asking those in attendance to come back this morning once the complications had been sorted out.

As The Playlist points out, those in the audience (which was comprised mostly of critics) will now have this slight “interruption” in mind while reviewing the film. Of course, it’s not likely that the incident will factor into the review, but still, it will undoubtedly leave a bitter taste in their mouths.

Imagine seeing what is perhaps the most anticipated film of the decade and then having it interrupted halfway. Talk about frustration and irritation.

No word on what went wrong at the screening but let’s just hope that when The Dark Knight Rises arrives in theatres, on July 20th, all the IMAX-related issues will be sorted out.