New Set Footage From The Dark Knight Rises Shows Off More Catwoman And Batwing

Christopher Nolan must be somewhat inconvenienced by all the online traffic he’s unintentionally created from just trying to film a movie. The problem lies in the fact that the movie is being shot in downtown Pittsburgh and the film happens to be The Dark Knight Rises, one of the most anticipated titles of all time.

The last few weeks has been a non-stop paparazzi dream come true, with sequences being filmed all over the Steel City showcasing the vehicles and characters (primarily Bane) from The Dark Knight Rises.

Recently, more footage has been taken, this time detailing Catwoman‘s stunt double, a chase scene through a street that features army painted Tumblers and the now infamous Batwing.

Everything recorded is by onlookers of course, but it’s extremely clear and easy to tell what’s going on. The Batwing looks massive compared to the Tumblers, though it will be interesting to see how it looks once special effects are added to the equation.

It’s also funny listening to the commentary of the filmmakers capturing the action, especially the guy commenting on how much Anne Hathaway’s stunt double gets paid. For a movie of this caliber? Quite a lot.

Expect more footage and set photos to pop up in the next couple months and to continue until the movie is finished filming. Only then will people finally have nothing better to do then to re-watch The Dark Knight in joyous anticipation.