The Dark Knight Trends After Twitter Decides That It’s A Rom-Com

Joker Dark Knight

In the thirteen years since its release, The Dark Knight has been subjected to almost every imaginable form of hyperbolic praise, the majority of which is more than fully justified and entirely deserved.

Christopher Nolan’s epic was the first comic book blockbuster to earn over a billion dollars at the box office and is regarded by many fans, critics, insiders and analysts as one of, if not the single greatest movie in the genre’s illustrious history. It’s also widely accepted that the Academy Awards widened the Best Picture field to include up to ten nominees after the backlash the ceremony faced for failing to shortlist it for the biggest prize, so much so that the change was casually referred to as ‘The Dark Knight Rule’.

On top of that, it’s comfortably viewed as one of the most important and influential Hollywood movies of the 21st Century, with countless filmmakers citing it as a direct influence on their own work. Up until now, nobody really considered it to be a romantic comedy, but a Twitter trend has changed all of that. Following an online discussion, The Dark Knight found itself trending as a rom-com, and naturally the fanbase had a field day with that information, as you can see from the reactions below.

Admittedly, there’s a couple of ways you could interpret The Dark Knight as an offbeat rom-com. The Joker and Batman are clearly cut from the same cloth but have very different viewpoints on how to embrace their idiosyncrasies, while there’s also the love triangle between Bruce Wayne, Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent to consider. Nolan doesn’t really do romance, though, but that hasn’t stopped the modern classic from getting a new coat of analytical paint.