Dark Phoenix Director Wants To Helm The MCU’s X-Men Reboot


Fox’s X-Men series concluded – with the exception of upcoming spinoff The New Mutants – last summer with Dark Phoenixwhich will go down as the final movie to feature the First Class/Apocalypse team. With Disney hoovering up the studio, Marvel now has creative control of the X-Men and Kevin Feige is working on rebooting the mutant superheroes within his established franchise. If he’s looking for some help from previous X-Men filmmakers, though, Simon Kinberg wants in.

Kinberg – longtime producer/writer of the X-Men universe, plus director of Dark Phoenix – took part in IGN’s Days of Future Past watch party, with the site sharing some comments from him on their Twitter account. First of all, IGN asked him if he enjoyed that other time-travel superhero film, Avengers: Endgame. “I love Endgame,” Kinberg revealed, “it’s one of my favorite comic book movies of all time.”

Given his admiration for Marvel’s work, it’s not surprising that he subsequently admitted he would be interested in helming a new X-Men movie for Feige and co. “I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to Logan and Deadpool and the X-Men and would love to do a fresh take,” Kinberg said.

Honestly, the concept of the director of Dark Phoenix handling the X-Men’s reboot in the MCU might fill some with apprehension, seeing as it proved to be such a divisive – to put it mildly – entry in the saga. In Kinberg’s defense, though, he’s also been involved with some of the best Fox X-Men productions as well. He wrote Days of Future Past, for example, with it known that he directed portions of it, too, as Bryan Singer was so unreliable.

Whether Kinberg’s hiring by Marvel would actually be likely, though, is another matter. Feige will most likely want to ensure his X-Men films are different from Fox’s, so will presumably get fresh talent on board to work on them.

Tell us, though, would you like there to be any connection between Fox’s movies and the X-Men of the MCU? Let us know in the comments down below.