Dark Skies Insists “You Have Been Chosen” In New Marketing Campaign

With January closing and Dark Skies looming, it’s now time to find out if “you have been chosen” in the new interactive marketing campaign for Scott Stewart’s upcoming sci-fi/thriller set for release on February 22nd, 2013.

Produced by Blumhouse Productions (Jason Blum of Paranormal Activity/Insidious fame), writer/director Scott Stewart’s film centers around a suburban family shaken by an increasingly troubling series of disturbing events, quickly revealing that a terrifying and deadly force may be behind them all.

Starring Keri Russell, Dakota Goyo, J.K. Simmons, Josh Hamilton, and Kadan Rockett, Stewart’s film hasn’t really been getting a ton of big-time press, but a new website titled youhavebeenchosen.org is looking to change that.

As per the email I received, you can participate in the following by going to the above website:

You can browse your own alien file filled with personal info including: Your Terrestrial ID, Body Scan, Location, Image Capture, Social Colonization, Abduction Status and More.  Use the site to share the information or warn friends about their own impending abduction, and be entered for a chance to win an iPad mini.

So yeah, once you click into the site you’re greeted with a message that states “Once You’ve Been Chosen, You Belong To Them,” and you’ll probably think “why would I continue if I don’t want to be chosen,” but hell, a free iPad mini is on the line, so why not?

By sliding over the “Connect To Facebook” button you’ll then be launched into the world of Dark Skies, showing a bunch of scans and tests being run on “your file,” until you’re left starring at your very own ID Card. From here you can peruse about the site,  finding creepy pages like the Geographic Location + Surveillance segment which shows recent locations you’ve been to as if you’re being tracked. You’ll also find some of your pictures augmented with different filters, making you look like some kind of suspect.

It’s a fun little device and a good way to learn about Dark Skies, which is good because I personally don’t know enough about the film yet. You don’t either? Oh, I can help with that as well. You can find the trailer below, hinting at what extraterrestrial horror you can expect. Be sure to let us know how you’re feeling about the film in the comments section!