The Dark Tower: Jake Chambers Teams With Idris Elba’s Gunslinger In Latest Set Photos

Given that it simmered in the bowels of production for so long, it’s hardly surprising that The Dark Tower has garnered so much attention now that the cameras are officially rolling on the Warner Bros. set.

Setting up shop in New York, the last seven days alone have brought forth our first peek at Matthew McConaughey dressed down in black as, ahem, the Man in Black himself (no sign of those tarot cards just yet), not to mention another look at Idris Elba suited and booted as the story’s de facto hero, Roland Deschain, AKA The Gunslinger.

This time around, it is newcomer Tom Taylor who is seen on the streets of NYC. In The Dark Tower, he’ll be portraying Jake Chambers, a close ally and friend to The Gunslinger. Without delving too deep into spoiler territory, how director Nikolaj Arcel plans to weave Stephen King’s magnum opus onto the screen remains to be seen, though the author himself did drop a relatively major hint not so long ago.

Beyond Elba, McConaughey and Taylor, The Dark Tower‘s cast also comprises Mad Max: Fury Road breakout Abby Lee as Tirana, Katheryn Winnick, Fran Kranz and Claudia Kim.

The Dark Tower is looming on the horizon, ladies and gentlemen, and come February 17, 2017, Nikolaj Arcel and Co. will cordially invite us into the depths of Stephen King’s mind-bending nexus of time.