Darth Poppins Is The Lego Character We Never Knew We Needed

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Darth Poppins is the latest Lego creation taking the internet by storm from the mind of Reddit user neutralyzer (or @prolificbrick on Instagram).

Garnering nearly 10,000 upvotes in just a day, the post in the Lego subreddit has proved to be a popular one among users. It features Darth Vader riding a light saber-umbrella with the caption “I’m Darth Poppins y’all!” Check out the post for yourself below:

There’s a lot going on in this image, to be sure, and its a veritable cross section of three — count ’em THREE — different Disney properties being referenced here.

For the uninitiated, I’ll help break down. First off, Mary Poppins. That one should be self-explanatory, it’s a mainline Disney film about a magical nanny who can fly on an umbrella, check. Then you have the reference to Star Wars, a franchise that in recent years has been under the stewardship of Disney ever since they bought it out from it’s creator, George Lucas. So where does the third reference come in? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Like anything Disney these days, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to creep its way into seemingly innocuous places. You see, the phrase “I’m Darth Poppins ya’ll!” is meant as a humorous send up of the catchphrase “I’m Mary Poppins ya’ll!” which itself is a humorous send up of the fact that the alien Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 doesn’t know diddly squat about Earth culture when Peter Quill compares him to Mary Poppins, believing the character to be a kind of badass Earth hero that enjoys slowly floating down from the sky.

We’re still chocking up over the ending of Guardians 2, with Yondu making an unthinkable sacrifice for his defacto stepchild, Star Lord. And with that tumultuous father-son dynamic in mind, we think making Yondu don the Vader mask is all too thematically perfect to look over this charming Lego build.