Dave Bautista Refused To Read Avengers: Infinity War Script


The fun thing about the cast of the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that many of the actors who play Earth’s Mightiest Heroes love these characters just as much as the fans. Take Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista, for example. The ex-wrestler is so committed to experiencing Avengers: Infinity War the same way as a regular viewer that he didn’t even read the script for the movie.

The man behind Drax the Destroyer was asked by a fan on Twitter recently what his initial reaction was upon reading through the script. In reply, Bautista revealed that he turned down the chance to get his hands on the full thing because he wants to save the film’s surprises for when he gets to see it in the theater.

“I chose not to read it. Gods honest truth [sic]! I want to sit there with my bucket of popcorn and bag on M&M’s [sic] and be surprised! #fanboy.”

Obviously, this has led to loads of jokes to the effect of “er, Dave, you know you’re in this movie, right?” What Baustista likely means, though, is that he elected to only read the scenes that were pertinent to him. Previously, we’ve heard that the Guardians wouldn’t actually be a major part of the film. Along with Thor, the likes of Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and the gang will mostly fill the role of comic relief. Luckily for Bautista, that probably means he has a lot of fresh material to enjoy when Infinity War hits cinemas.

The actor isn’t the only star of the movie who didn’t read the full script, either. Tom Holland has previously admitted that he’s so loose-tongued that the folks at Marvel Studios don’t trust him with the whole screenplay, lest he accidentally let slip a major spoiler to the press.

It looks like Bautista and Holland will be joining the rest of us then in counting down the months until Avengers: Infinity War arrives on May 4th so they can get the whole story.

Source: Twitter