Here’s How Dave Bautista Could Look As The Batman’s Bane

Bane The Dark Knight Rises

If you were going to cast Bane for a new movie, who’d be your pick? Danny DeVito? Not the best fit. Dave Bautista on the other hand, that sounds more like it. And while it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the supervillain in next year’s The Batman, that hasn’t stopped one fan from dreaming.

In the below artwork’s description, artist @Suhanthan explained his desire for the next Bane to hue closer to the luchador-on-steroids character of the comics, in contrast to the revamp that Christopher Nolan greenlit for The Dark Knight Rises. To be fair, Bane’s image in the comics wouldn’t have meshed with the tone of Nolan’s universe at all, but below, you can see a more faithful take.

Going by the fragments of photography we’ve seen of The Batman so far, I think it’s possible there’ll be scope for a more comic-friendly aesthetic. Plus, future instalments always expand the cast of heroes and villains. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic for those in want of this kind of Bane, then (personally, I thought Tom Hardy’s version was delightfully watchable).

If it seems presumptuous to be speculating about The Batman 2 when the first pic hasn’t even finished filming yet, remember this. It’s a new Batman movie, so it’s going to be a hit. The only uncertainty is when we’ll be able to see it. Blasted COVID-19.

How does Dave Bautista as Bane sound to you, though? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the idea below. He obviously has the physique for the brawn, and more subtly, the personality required for the character’s brains. Makes sense given he was actually a wrestler. In fact, he could be just what The Batman trilogy needs.

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