Dave Bautista Feels A Bit Guilty About Spoiling Avengers 4


As every Marvel fan knows, Dave Bautista’s been pretty vocal about his strong feelings on the topic of director James Gunn’s firing from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It’s fair to say that the actor and his Disney bosses are not seeing eye to eye on the matter and it’s possible this soured relationship has loosened his tongue while doing the press rounds for his latest movie, Final Score. In particular, the man who plays Drax has teased some details about next May’s Avengers 4.

In previous interviews, Bautista’s revealed that the Guardians will return from their deaths in Avengers: Infinity War, ready to sail off into the stars again for Vol. 3. And while speaking to Good Morning Britain, the former WWE star admitted he probably shouldn’t be talking so openly about things, and actually feels a sense of guilt now.

“We definitely see more Guardians in the upcoming Avengers, which we’ve already shot. Oddly enough, I guess I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but I was already saying before Avengers 3 was released that I had already filmed Avengers 4 and I was signed up for Guardians 3. So I must come back somehow… It’s comforting, but at the same time I felt a sense of guilt because I don’t know if I was supposed to say anything. And nobody told me not to say anything.”

Of course, Bautista’s comments about what we can expect in Avengers 4 might turn out to be irrelevant in the end. He’s already warned that it’s possible Marvel will change the fates of the Guardians because of Vol. 3 being put on, what he terms, “permanent hold.” You can see what he means, too – if the threequel isn’t happening, the team-up movie might be the last time we see the characters in the MCU.

Or, at the very least, if Guardians 3 does happen, then Dave Bautista might not be part of it. The actor’s been honest about how he’s struggling with his continued working relationship with Disney and, if Gunn’s script’s thrown away, he’ll do everything he can to back out of his contract and refuse to appear in the film.

All we can do for now, though, is look forward to Avengers 4 – which, we now know, will likely resurrect the Guardians of the Galaxy next May.