Dave Bautista Doesn’t Look Too Happy In New Army Of The Dead Photo

Dave Bautista

It’s easy to forget that Zack Snyder has another movie heading exclusively to streaming in 2021 given that his brand new cut of Justice League has been dominating the online discourse for close to three and a half years now.

While it hasn’t been handed an official release date, Netflix’s Army of the Dead is rumored to arrive in May, presumably to give it some breathing room and avoid being swept up in the Snyder Cut conversation. As the filmmaker’s first non-DCEU effort in ten years, there are going to be a lot of people curious to see if Snyder has any new tricks up his sleeve or if he’ll deliver another visually impressive but narratively hollow blockbuster.

A crack team of thieves robbing a Las Vegas casino in the middle of the zombie apocalypse sounds like a wild genre fever dream, and the premise is so ridiculous that Army of the Dead will surely be mindlessly entertaining at the very least, provided Snyder leaves the po-faced seriousness at the door and embraces the gonzo insanity of the concept.

A new image has now arrived online, and it’s very Snyder-esque, with leading man Dave Bautista looking intensely serious as he growls at another character against a dimly-lit background, as you can see below.

Netflix already have big plans for the mythology, with the imaginatively titled Army of the Dead prequel currently going by Army of the Dead: The Prequel, while an anime series is also in development. Escapism is very high on a lot of people’s list of priorities at the moment when it comes to movies, so let’s hope that something as crazy as an apocalyptic zombie actioner manages to deliver on the potential.