Dave Bautista Wishes Drax Had Gotten To Kill Thanos In Avengers: Endgame


Drax was single-mindedly set on getting revenge for his family by killing Thanos and his crew throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. This lust for vengeance often tripped the team up when it came to planning their attacks, as he’d dive into action and start fighting the moment he was able to. But, despite Thanos dying twice in Avengers: Endgame, Drax never got to settle the score with the Mad Titan.

The big bad first bought the farm (on his farm) in the opening chapter in which the heroes tracked him down and beheaded him, though it was a hollow victory. A more substantial triumph came at the end when Tony Stark sacrificed his life to turn Thanos and his world-conquering army to dust. But despite Drax participating in the climactic battle, he wasn’t the focus of it (and the one time he nearly did get to go one-on-one with the villain, he got instantly cubed).

Now, Dave Bautista has revealed that he’s sad Drax’s arc wasn’t resolved. During an interview with JoBlo, he was asked if he’s disappointed that he didn’t deliver the fatal blow, and said:

“Yeah, I think everybody was. I said in interviews somewhere where that I wish Drax would’ve killed Thanos and I got all these people saying, ‘That doesn’t even make sense! How could you say that? Drax doesn’t deserve to get to kill Thanos!’ And I said it because there’s not a character in the Marvel Universe that doesn’t want to kill Thanos. Of course Drax wanted to kill Thanos. Everybody wanted to kill Thanos. So yeah, a little disappointed, cause I kinda take that whole storyline very personal. But, I think every character wanted to get their hands on Thanos.”

Bautista also reserved some praise for Josh Brolin, who maybe doesn’t get the amount of credit he should for doing such an amazing job as Thanos, saying:

“I have to say on the record that I love Josh Brolin to death. He’s actually one of my favorite people and by far one of my favorite actors. I love him. He’s such a brilliant actor. He’s overlooked way too much.”

Drax will next appear in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside the other Guardians of the Galaxy. Bautista has been spotted on Instagram getting into his character’s look, though the Guardians may just turn up in a cameo role. Beyond that, we’ll see him in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special in 2022 and then, finally, in the concluding chapter of the series in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023.

But if you’re craving more Bautista, you’re in luck. Next month, he’ll star in Zack Snyder’s hotly-anticipated Army of the Dead on Netflix, whose full trailer showcases one of the wildest-looking zombie movies in years. It seems as if he’ll be kicking some serious ass in that when it hits the service on May 21st.

In the meantime, feel free to revisit Avengers: Endgame, which is available to stream on Disney+.