Dave Chappelle Tests Positive For COVID-19, Cancels Texas Shows

Chapelle's Show

Dave Chappelle has joined the ‘celebrities with COVID-19’ club at the worst time. The comedian, writer and actor was scheduled to perform a weekend of sold out shows at Austin’s Stubbs Waller Creek Amphitheater over the coming days, but after a positive test, they’ve all been cancelled and he’s entered quarantine. There’s a twist, though: Chappelle had already completed the first of five shows on Wednesday night and if he’s got COVID-19 now, then he was very likely infectious this week.

So, should those in the audience and anyone who interacted with him on Wednesday begin isolating and get tested themselves? Well, Chappelle’s representatives were quick to assure everyone that his shows are COVID-19 safe, saying:

“Chappelle has safely conducted socially-distanced shows in Ohio since June 2020 and he moved those shows to Austin during the winter. Chappelle implemented COVID-19 protocols which included rapid testing for the audience and daily testing for himself and his team. His diligent testing enabled him to immediately respond by quarantining, thus mitigating the spread of the virus.”

Chapelle's Show

However, the comedian was pictured on Wednesday in close proximity to Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and Grimes. The Texas shows were billed as Dave Chappelle and Friends, with Rogan confirmed to appear alongside Chappelle on two nights and mystery guests (potentially Musk and/or Grimes) on the remaining nights. Musk may have already had COVID-19 (though we don’t know how much immunity that gives you), but Grimes said she’d tested positive and had a fever only 13 days ago, So basically, Rogan should definitely take a test as soon as possible.

In the meantime, ticket holders are being offered a full refund. Sure, the world needs laughter, but with deaths spiking and more infectious strains of the virus running amok, maybe travelling across the country to put on a series of stand-up shows before an audience was a bad idea.

Right now, Dave Chappelle is reportedly asymptomatic, but let’s hope he tests negative soon and makes a full recovery.