David Ayer Says James Gunn’s The Right Man For Suicide Squad 2


Suicide Squad 2 may end up having very little in common with the first movie, but fortunately director David Ayer doesn’t seem too upset about it.

It was recently announced that James Gunn has been brought in to write and possibly helm the upcoming DC flick, having previously been fired from his job directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. What’s more, a subsequent report has suggested that the flick won’t be a proper sequel to Ayer’s film, and may or may not involve a total recasting.

When asked by a fan on Twitter what he thought of all this, Ayer replied with a tweet showing Gunn his full support.

“I think it’s an incredibly brave and smart move by the studio. James is the right man for the job!”

In this tweet, Ayer eludes to the slightly controversial nature of Warner’s decision to hire Gunn. Disney’s announcement that they’d be dropping the director from the MCU came in response to the reemergence of offensive tweets from the filmmaker’s past, and while it’s clear that plenty of fans are happy to see him find new work, others aren’t too thrilled.

Speaking of difficulties with studios, a couple of weeks ago Ayer recalled the heavy interference that Suicide Squad was met with, lamenting how the final product was vastly different from the film’s first cut. Here’s hoping Warner won’t be quite so hands-on with Gunn. If Suicide Squad was the DCEU’s attempt at making its own Guardians of the Galaxy, then surely Gunn would be the most qualified candidate to recapture the spark of the real thing.

Anyway, details are still pretty thin on the content and cast of Suicide Squad 2, but we’re certainly keen to learn more. After hearing this week’s news, the project has honestly never looked so promising.

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