David Ayer Heaps Praise On Jared Leto’s Joker Ahead Of Suicide Squad; “The Hairs Stand Up On The Back Of Your Neck”



Strap in, folks: Jared Leto’s rendition of the Joker looks set to make “the hairs on the back of your neck stand up,” according to Suicide Squad director David Ayer.

Yes, ever since those gleaming chrome teeth popped up online, Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime has chewed through headlines left, right and center, whether it’s the actual arc of the Joker in Suicide Squad or the actor’s methodical, meticulous portrayal of the unhinged psychopath. Now, with only a few hours standing between now and the reveal of the film’s second full trailer, David Ayer has heaped yet more praise on Leto’s performance.


Speaking with USA Today, the Fury director shed new light on what the Oscar-winner brings to the infamous role, which looks to introduce a raw intensity that distinguishes Leto’s turn from what has come before.

“There was almost a pageantry to him, which did translate into the character and the power on screen he has. The hairs stand up on the back of your neck,” Ayer said. “If you’re a Batman fan, you have to love/hate the Joker because he’s the best nemesis ever. Just to have him on one of my film sets, it was a very memorable thing for me.”

Indeed, the Dallas Buyers Club actor has referenced both Jack Nicholson and the late, great Heath Ledger in the past, and how he wants to offer up a performance that brings something new to the table, yet still respects the sociopathic tendencies innate to the character.

Suicide Squad opens on August 6 – a new trailer is imminent, too, so stay tuned to We Got This Covered for more. To sate your appetite, check out the brand spanking new ensemble poster.

Source: USA Today

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