David Ayer Supernatural Drama Bright Adds Lucy Fry


Max Landis made headlines earlier this year after his spec script for Bright, a supernatural buddy cop drama, was scooped by Netflix in a deal said to be in the region of $90 million. Since then, the pieces have slowly started to fall into place for the streaming giant, first teeing up a Suicide Squad reunion by recruiting Will Smith and director David Ayer, before adding Joel Edgerton and Alien: Covenant star Noomi Rapace.

We can now add Aussie actress Lucy Fry to that starry ensemble, after The Hollywood Reporter confirmed yesterday that the Mr. Church star had landed the key role of Tikka, a “young elf with powers who is in possession of the wand and must be protected by Smith and Edgerton.”

From what we understand at this early, early stage, that all-powerful wand is essentially the MacGuffin of Bright, spurring Smith’s human and Edgerton’s Orc – a mismatched leading duo if ever there was one – into action as evil forces scrap to use the magical conduit for nefarious purposes. Even based on the star-studded cast alone, Bright is shaping up to be one of the more eye-catching Netflix Originals going into 2017. No word yet if the studio plans to roll out a theatrical release in the vein of Beasts of No Nation, but we’ll keep you updated as more information comes to light.

Los Angeles will play host to the production of Bright when the cameras begin rolling later this month. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, that would place David Ayer’s supernatural flick on course for a Netflix premiere mid-way through 2017. Before that, though, Lucy Fry will continue her role in Australian miniseries Wolf Creek.