David Cronenberg & Robert Pattinson Reuniting On French Set Film

After Colin Farrell dropped out of Cosmopolis, director David Cronenberg was left with the decision of who to replace him with. Surprisingly, he chose Robert Pattinson. The casting is of course a little out of left field seeing the reasonable age difference between Farrell and Pattinson but also because Pattinson isn’t the type of actor you would think Cronenberg would be wanting to work with. That being said, it seems that the two worked well together and they will be teaming up again.

Speaking to French magazine Inrockuptibles, Pattinson revealed that he has another project in the works with Cronenberg, which plans to shoot in France:

“I’m filming another movie with Cronenberg but [I] don’t know when he wants to start filming. It’s going to be his first one in France and he promises it’s going to be very strange”

It is unclear what film Pattinson is talking about but my guess is that it will probably be a film called As She Climbed Across The Table, a black hole drama that Cronenberg wants to shoot next.

Another possibility though is that the film in question may be a project titled Map To The Stars, which Cronenberg has had in development since 2006. The only other project that Cronenberg has in serious development seems to be the Eastern Promises sequel, which I doubt we will see Pattinson in.

Cosmopolis is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in a couple of days and expectations are high. It will be very interesting to see the reviews for the film, and in particular Pattinson’s performance, which I think will have a large impact on how quickly the duo’s next film develops.

I haven’t seen any of the Twilight films but I have seen Bel Ami and Remember Me, which both surprised me due to the young actor’s talent. He certainly has the potential and the ability to become a serious dramatic leading actor and as he stated in the interview, his film choices over the next few years will be crucial in determining if he can make it on that path.

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