David Gordon Green Says His Exorcist Trilogy Will Be ‘Unbelievably Different’ Than His Halloween Trilogy

When it comes to the upcoming The Exorcist franchise reboot reportedly underway by director David Gordon Green, we’re getting new insights as to what the writing process is like as he is also helping to pen the upcoming trilogy.

Green’s film Halloween Kills is currently set to hit theaters this Friday and is a sequel to his 2018 hit reboot Halloween. Those films are also part of a trilogy that Green is directing and co-writing, which will conclude with Halloween Ends next year.

It would seem on the surface that both Halloween and The Exorcist franchises have a lot in common. After all, both are horror films from the 1970s that ignited mediocre sequels and both even boast cult classic third entries. However, Halloween is a slasher and The Exorcist is a supernatural thriller, two vastly different horror subgenres.

A report from Collider suggests that Green’s approaches to writing each trilogy will be remarkably different as well, as he likened comparing the two franchises to apples and oranges — or pineapples to oranges, in Green’s case.

“To me, it’s as different as making Stronger and Pineapple Express. They’re just so unbelievably different. One is very primal and the other is very academic. So it’s just trying to switch gears there. I’m sure I’ll know more a year from now when I’ve gotten a handle on what Exorcist is. The script’s written. And it was a very, entirely different writing process.”

Pineapple Express was the stoner comedy Green directed starring Seth Rogen, while Stronger was a somber 2017 drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal that Green also directed, for those not in the know.

It’s likely Green’s The Exorcist trilogy won’t be coming to theaters for some time, as the director said only the first film has been written, with the other two currently being outlined. However, you can catch Green’s Halloween Kills when it hits theaters on October 15th.