David Goyer Gives Further Confirmation That Justice League Will Feature A New Batman


Despite all the adamant insistence by both Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan that neither of them will be back for Justice League, there are still some out there who want to keep believing that Bale will again don the cape and cowl for DC’s ensemble film. In a recent interview, David Goyer continued his discussion about the future of Warner’s DC properties and further confirmed that the next Bruce Wayne we see will be a different one than we saw in The Dark Knight Trilogy. 

Goyer did say that Warner is hoping Man Of Steel will serve as the launch pad for the shared DC cinematic universe, but he continued his stance that nothing is set in stone. He also refused to confirm whether he is involved yet. Check out that full quote below.  

“It would be disingenuous to say Warner Bros doesn’t hope that this would be the starting point for a shared universe. And Zack (Snyder) has said that Bruce Wayne exists in this universe. It would be a different Bruce Wayne from Chris’ (Nolan) Dark Knight trilogy, and it would be disingenuous to say that Zack and I haven’t had various conversations on set, around ‘what if’ and ‘moving forward’.

That having been said, it’s all going to depend on the next few weeks. Warner Bros has hopes that there will be more Man Of Steel films, and that this will be the beginning of a shared universe. We could meet Batman, or Wonder Woman, or the Justice League in these movies. But they all hinge on box office reception.

If that happens, I would be happy, and nervous, to dive in…

They’re hoping that the film does well, but god forbid it doesn’t, things will change. I don’t know how many different iterations of Justice League they’ve tried to mount over the last decade or so. But for one reason or another they haven’t happened. I think Warner Bros has seen – and Chris deserves the biggest credit for this – that we were able to revitalise Batman and put it into the first billion dollar superhero film. And they’re hoping that Superman will be revistalised as well. And if we can do Batman and Superman, then maybe we can move on to Wonder Woman, and The Flash, and characters like that.”

In terms of any questions about box office figures, Man Of Steel has already raked in $21 million, which is more than The Avengers’ $18.7 million but still less than the whopping $30.6 million pulled in by The Dark Knight Rises on its opening night. But still, $21 million is an excellent opening night figure, and unless everyone who is going to see the movie saw it last night, I’d say it’s fairly safe to assume enough money is going to come in to warrant more DC films with Henry Cavill’s Superman at the center.

All that being said, history tells us that nothing is certain when it comes to a Justice League film. We’ve seen this project fail time and time again over the last decade, so until casting is set and production is underway, I’m not going to hold my breath. But if things were ever looking good for that movie actually happening, now is that time. (Knock on wood).

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