David S. Goyer Will Direct The Breach


David S. Goyer, perhaps best known for penning The Dark Knight trilogy, will be directing a sci-fi thriller called The Breach for Lionsgate. Based on Patrick Lee’s 2009 novel, the script (penned by Justin Rhodes) will center on a corrupt ex-cop who discovers the wreckage of a plane crash in Alaska. From there, he’s thrust into an adventure that involves secret organizations and alien tech powerful enough to spell the end of the world in the wrong hands.

For more details, check out the full plot summary below:

A corrupt ex-cop who is trying to get his life back in order discovers a crashed plane in the Alaska wilderness. The first lady is among those dead in the wreckage. That sets off an adventure featuring a beautiful survivor, assassins, a secret organization, alien technology and an end-of-the-world scenario.

It appears that the studio is hoping to turn this one into a franchise, as The Breach is the first of three novels; the follow-ups are titled Ghost Country and Deep Sky. The film adaptation has been fast-tracked, meaning we should be receiving more details very shortly. For now, however, that summary is all we have to go on.

Though his writing credits are impressive, Goyer hasn’t had much luck as a director. His notable projects include Blade: Trinity, The Unborn and The Invisible. Unfortunately, none of those films went over too well with critics or audiences. That said, The Breach does sound promising and, if executed properly, it could make for an exciting start to a trilogy. Then again, Goyer isn’t the most proven director so, despite his talents with a pen and paper, I’m going to wait until we hear a bit more about this one before I pass judgement.

Tell us, does The Breach sound like a good project for David S. Goyer to take on? Let us know in the comments section.

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