David Goyer Claims Man Of Steel Sequel Depends On Box Office Figures


The saga of the Man Of Steel sequel is getting as interesting as Superman’s story itself. First it’s on, then it’s off, then Batman shows up, then it’s off again, and then, just after we thought we had confirmation that David Goyer and Zack Snyder are for sure signed on for the film, Goyer claims the movie isn’t happening unless Man Of Steel performs up to expectations in terms of box office figures.

Goyer was asked about the next film at the European premiere of Man Of Steel. Check out his noncommittal response below.

“I’m under lock and key, but it would be disingenuous to say we didn’t [have ideas]. A lot is going to depend on this weekend and next weekend. We certainly are hoping for a sequel.”

Of course, the process is going to be secretive, and those involved aren’t going to say anything definite until an official announcement has been made, but it would be nice to know whether we’ll get to see Henry Cavill continue his hero’s journey.

Obviously the studio isn’t going to make a film that isn’t going to make any money, but Man Of Steel is going to do well at the box office regardless of how many critics are less than thrilled with it, so there isn’t too much to be worried about if you’re one of those who simply love Snyder’s first take on Superman.

It is getting a bit taxing though to continually have to hear Warner Broa. dance around what they’re going to do with their DC properties. It’s time to commit to a Man Of Steel trilogy and to Justice League. If concrete plans for those films are in place, it’ll show confidence, and then those involved can worry about making some awesome movies as opposed to whether they’ll get to make movies at all.

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