David Goyer Will Assist With The Fantastic Voyage Remake


David Goyer, the man who penned the scripts for The Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel, among other things, has been tapped to write a treatment for the upcoming remake of Fantastic Voyage. For those unfamiliar with the 1966 camp classic, it followed a group of scientists “who are reduced to microscopic size inside a submarine and injected into the body of an sick colleague.”

This project has actually been in development for a while now, with Shawn Levy on board to direct and Hugh Jackman in talks to star at one point. Even Will Smith found his name in the mix a few years ago. Obviously, none of that worked out and now, 20th Century Fox is hoping to fast-track the remake by bringing on Goyer, who will also executive produce alongside James Cameron.

According to the report from Heat Vision, the writer won’t actually pen a full screenplay. Instead, he’s just working on a new treatment, which will then be handed off to someone else. The hope is that the film will be a tentpole for the studio and it’s likely that it will be released in 3D.

While I wouldn’t exactly call the original Fantastic Voyage great, it’s definitely fun in its own special way. I could see why the studio would want to take a stab at a remake as well and under the right talent, it could prove to be an enjoyable endeavour. Then again, this project has been developing for so long now that I’m a bit skeptical as to whether or not it’s going to even happen at all. It’s gone through so many writers, directors and actors that at this point, it will be nothing short of a miracle if we see a finished product sometime in the next few years.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted when and if we hear more, but for now, tell us, do you want to see a Fantastic Voyage remake?

Source: Heat Vision